Humanity and Nature Unified Packaging Design

Humanity and Nature Unified Packaging Design for Plastic Water Bottle-pbm plastic

As with all designs, the anti-slip design of plastic packaging containers also needs to be injected into the “humanized concept” and “humanistic care spirit.” Today, when commodity supply and demand competition tends to become hot, the relationship between people and commodities is not only based on supply and demand, but also on the link of humanization, such as identity, understanding, and emotional resonance.

On the one hand, people try to quickly understand the function, quality, brand, and reputation of the product through the packaging of the goods, which requires the secure transmission, visual impact and considerate caring personality of the product packaging design; On the one hand, commodity packaging guides people’s consumption with a “humanized” attitude of simplicity, sincerity and real communication, and stimulates the desire to purchase. In this process, the packaging of goods is as full as possible to meet people’s essential needs. The anti-slip design of the plastic packaging container is to solve the problems of comfort and convenience in the use process by suitable between the product and the person, the product and nature. Design, that is, under the premise of the balance of natural ecology, it can satisfy people’s requirements for the function of packaging containers to the greatest extent, and bring convenience to consumers, but also make people feel psychologically happy.

For example, athletes who exercise after sweating make the plastic containers, HDPE plastic bottles in their hands easy to slip off, and they are not easy to focus on and open; injured patients, elderly children, adults holding children, and adults carrying heavy objects are to some extent There are specific difficulties in opening and keeping plastic containers, or there is no supporting point for force, or it is easy to slip. The anti-slip design of plastic packaging containers is to solve such problems and make people’s use more convenient. Humanized design is one of the most cutting-edge trends and trends in modern times. It requires designers to study and explore seriously, so that “design for people” is no longer an empty slogan, but deeply rooted in the hearts of designers, in packaging design — the real embodiment of humanistic care. The anti-slip design of plastic packaging containers is humanized design. The design method of humanistic care is to inject refined design elements into the increasingly perfect plastic packaging containers through the development and excavation of packaging materials and functions. In the process, we should reflect the care of people as much as possible, embody the convenience of plastic packaging containers, make people feel warm and warm, the whole design process emphasizes the emotional communication and communication with consumers, and reflects the humanistic care for different consumers everywhere.

Packaging design with humanity and nature Whether it is a method of wrapping items with leaves or a complicated process of storing discarded nuclear fuel, the packaging is designed to meet the different needs of the protection products. However, scientists’ predictions for the 21st century tell humans a shocking fact: humans have nowhere to go. It is precisely because of the various needs of human beings that packaging is becoming more and more important, and packaging is becoming more and more complicated. Packaging has become a core system for human beings to maintain the current lifestyle, and packaging waste is also increasing, like plastic shampoo bottles. This non-sustainable lifestyle threatens the environment in which human beings depend. The survival of human beings is no longer carefree. For packaging containers, we need to think deeply about how they will develop in the future. Today, with the rapid development of plastic packaging, it is hard to believe that our life was not affected by plastics half a century ago. Today, there are very few areas in which life is not affected by plastics. From the packaging of goods to the means of transportation we take, vinyl is genuinely one of the most prominent innovations of the 20th century.

China Humanized green design-pbm plastic

As a new packaging material in the 20th century, plastics have indeed brought convenience to people’s production and life. However, with the prosperity of commodities and the rapid development of the packaging industry, such as China plastic spray bottle, packaging waste is also increasing day by day, especially the difficulty in recycling and processing plastic packaging waste. Or improper handling, as well as people’s poor environmental awareness, have brought severe environmental pollution. How to effectively control environmental pollution and improve the status quo of the earth is extremely important. The sustainable development of the ecological environment is the most urgent issue facing humanity in the 21st century. However, the ubiquitous use of plastics has made its handling a critical point, and there are many different perspectives on the processing of plastics, but few of them are sustainable. In the case of incineration, this method does provide an energy source, and the weight per unit weight of the plastic is higher than that of the coal. However, the side effects caused by the incineration process are very harmful and must be filtered to prevent the diffusion of toxic gases and heavy metals. The ecological balance can be ensured in the biosphere or other ecosystems.

Under the persecution of the global environmental crisis, modern packaging designers are increasingly paying attention in Chinese traditional culture based on the reflection of the philosophical thinking of the Western subject and guest and the summary of classical Chinese philosophy. The ancient Chinese “Heaven and Man” thought emphasizes the unity of man and nature, the coordination of human behavior and quality, the consistency of moral reason and natural reason, which fully shows the ancient Chinese thinkers’ individual initiative and objectivity between subject and object. Rational thinking about the relationship between laws. According to this idea, one cannot violate the laws of nature and cannot transcend the tolerance of life to transform the landscape, conquer nature, and destroy the environment. Only by obeying the laws of nature can it effectively use context to make it more in line with human needs.

It also enables all things in nature to survive and develop in harmony. The traditional philosophy of “Heaven and Man” leads to a unique packaging design that considers packaging design as a product of nature, looking at packaging design from a comprehensive, holistic perspective, reflecting the relationship between people, things and the environment. Beautiful harmony. The humanized packaging design of today’s society must proceed from the standpoint of environmental protection needs, especially when the “white pollution” caused by plastic packaging waste is severely damaged. Environmental resources and the reserve of social resources. By effectively saving the resources of nature and interacting with the natural environment, the plastic packaging container, the plastic osmetic bottles can achieve the effect of “Heaven and Man.” Only vigorously advocate the requirements of environmental protection such as green and natural, and strive to make the design of plastic packaging containers “scientific, economic, beautiful, reasonable and marketable,” so that the anti-slip design of packaging containers is close to human life and also takes into account the ecological environment.

The demand for protection is to make humanized plastic packaging containers that are conducive to ecological development. In short, in the anti-slip design process of plastic packaging containers, the designer always implements the people-oriented design concept, reflects the respect and care for people, and takes into account the ecological environment factors, indeed ensuring the environmental balance of the humanized green design.