Plastic bottle pollution

Garbage pollution seep life

Shanghai Development Center, Ren Assistant Public ocean crossing main Renru Yi said that despite the current domestic and not an authoritative schedule of waste degradation, but not degradable garbage has given our lives numerous risks. She mentioned that marine litter belt, floating is the need for hundreds of years to degrade plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, fishing line and other marine animals, most likely due to eating them poisoning. We eat seafood, the most likely with garbage toxins, or residual plastic debris.

Even if waste is degraded smoothly, does not mean “safe” the. Many garbage after degradation of substances are toxic, long-term and will be retained in the environment, causing pollution. For example, although the battery will eventually be broken down, but it exploded after the metal sheath, internal zinc chloride, lead, mercury and cadmium and other chemical substances will leak and pollute the environment. Environmentalists pointed out that the well-known yellow hills, fruit peels and other natural products, garbage, in the process of natural degradation and will not harm the environment, and petrochemical products, by virtue of natural degradation, is often difficult to return to the natural ecosystem into.

Ji Jun Hui said, different garbage to different environmental hazards. Plastic, for example, not all plastic will cause harm in the degradation process, but some degradation of the plastic will produce acidic substances, such as PVC degradation produces vinyl chloride, polystyrene and other plastics containing benzene degradation process may produce dioxin and other toxic substances. Degradable plastic bags is difficult, if was simply landfill, will destroy the soil structure, moisture barrier, resulting in land is not normal “breathing”, difficult to grow vegetation.

There are also degraded artificial dilemma

Yellow Hill admitted, compared to natural degradation into harmless purpose, purposeful, planned, orderly garbage artificial degradation, minimizes harmful substances. Ji Jun Hui also mentioned that if the recycling of plastic recycling, it is no longer waste, but use of resources, not only does not harm the environment, conserve resources and can largely contribute to sustainable development of society.

Indeed, since the “Eleventh Five-Year” period, China’s cities on the implementation of garbage “three” – reduction, recycling, treatment and disposal. Despite accumulated a lot of experience, but in the process of artificial degradation, the yellow Hill said, there are still the following problems.

First, waste recycling, the bad companies which made a more low-quality goods. For example, plastic recycling, the use of heating and other means of reprocessing, a barrel that is broken into plastic bags, plastic pots or vulnerable. Waste of resources, but also cause secondary pollution.

Second, waste utilization cycle, ignoring the economic costs. For example, after the waste paper recycling, putting in a lot of manpower, material, recycled paper made of the economic cost is too high, the price is not accepted by consumers, resulting in a waste of resources.

Third, the “wild rubbish” piling up at random, open burning. This phenomenon in urban and rural areas are more common. A lot of garbage not included in the government system, piling up for too long, brought the stench and bacteria. Finally, most of the garbage is open burning. Data show that the open burning of refuse generated by dioxin, 2,000 to 3,000 times a modern incinerator emissions.

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