Plastic Packaging Containers Anti Slip Design Concept Focus


Plastic is a highly plastic material that has been in the packaging field, such as plastic bottle for nearly a hundred years, but at the big, the application of most countries began after the Second World War. Plastics in industrial technology in the 1920s.

After significant development, human production and life have gradually entered the plastic age, and now they look around, plastic material packaging is full of all aspects of social output and growth. According to statistics, there is an average of 35% of plastics in countries around the world. Used in packaging, and in some European countries, this proportion is as high as 40%. Plastics with its superior performance, Especially with the characteristics of lightweight, durability, right barrier property, and low cost, it occupies the packaging field. Important position, but also promote plastic packaging materials to replace other traditional packaging materials gradually, become more and more great packaging materials. So far, the consumption of plastics is necessary packaging material after paper, plastic bags. PBM plastic bottle manufacturers specialized in plastic and plastic packaging for more than 10 years in China.

The output value of the equipment accounts for about 31% of the total output value of the world packaging industry. The proportion of materials packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry has exceeded 30%, becoming a new force in the packaging industry, in food, Drinks, daily necessities, and industrial and agricultural production play an irreplaceable role. 1 Since the beginning of the 21st century, China’s plastics industry has achieved remarkable achievements and made a historic leap. Plastics are light and beautiful, easy to shape, and have excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

The primary material of the packaging container. With the potent combination of the world packaging industry, cross-border cooperation and other initiatives, the world package New developments in the loading industry, packaging materials, and packaging products are growing steadily, packaging new materials, new processes, new products keep appearing.


1.1 Concept Definition and Discrimination

1.1.1 Anti-slip design concept of the plastic packaging container

As we all know, packaging has three essential functions of protecting products, facilitating transportation and promoting sales, and most of them. In a few cases, the packaging function by packaging containers and products. The function of the packaging container in the following aspects of the packaging of the product: protection of the packaged product, convenient. Use and beautiful appearance. In the design of the packaging container structure, the appropriate materials, and proper molding processing. The process to ensure the scientific and reasonable structure of the packaging container while ensuring that the designed packaging container is strong enough. Degree, stiffness, and stability, will not interact with the packaged object, and the structure will not hurt people. Such as plastic bottle cap manufacturers,  the aesthetic requirements in the appearance of construction and the structure of the packaging container should be reasonably structured and easy to manufacture.

With the advancement of packaging technology and the development of packaging products, the functions of packaging containers are also expanding. The packaging container no longer stays on the three services, converting high technology into actual productivity, and applying it to the packaging capacity. On the device, through the display of relevant information, the choice of packaging materials, the circulation environment, the needs of consumers. Harmony with the natural environment has become a consideration for the function of packaging containers, which is also the packaging person advocated now. Original design. In a sense, the emergence of humanized design and humanized design is entirely the essence of design. As a result, the design is a human activity, and people are the center of the map, so the plan is to solve human physiology, psychology, etc. With the realization of the humanized design concept, as with all models, the packaging design should also be injected with “humanity.” And the “humanistic care spirit,” and develop high-performance, multi-functional packaging, anti-slip design of packaging containers. It is under this premise that it was born.

The anti-slip design of the packaging container is practical, aesthetic, economic, and safe, and environmentally friendly on the packaging material. The principle of heavyweight is to meet the requirements of consumers for the convenience, flexibility, and comfort of product packaging. Combine packaging with product quality, people’s emotional identity, and the harmonious coexistence of the natural environment to establish an intimate and straightforward modern humanized packaging culture, looking for enough personality and human language. Supply and demand in commodities. Today, the competition is becoming increasingly hot, and the packaging container by the humanized packaging container anti-skid design. Humanized communication, such as understanding and emotional resonance, meets people’s physiological and psychological needs, material, and spiritual needs.

Plastic packaging containers account for the vast majority of packaging containers, focusing on the specificity and plasticity of their materials. Anti-skid design, from all aspects to meet the needs of humanity, but also to become resource-saving and environmentally friendly. Type of green packaging. The anti-slip design of plastic packaging containers pays attention to the development direction of the international market. Use for development, to adapt to low cost, high quality, simplification, beautiful and hygienic, green and other plastic packaging containers the development trend.

1.1.2 Research scope of anti-slip design for plastic packaging containers

With the formation of the integration of the global economic market, the competition for product sales has become more intense, it is especially important, and its value is also growing. Modern packaging design is both for the protection of products in circulation. The process is not damaged, and at the same time it can create added value for the company in the promotion process, What society needs is the packaging function of the product? The container is used as part of the packaging to design a suitable. Hdpe bottle manufacturers in China should be a combination of multiple services. The packaging container in terms of materials, shapes, etc. They are pursuing humanized design, functionalism, and green design. From the original material such as the original leaves to the present complex The articles are used to protect the packaging. With the advancement of society, human development, packaging container materials. The types are also increasing, such as the common packaging materials such as common metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, paper, and bamboo. Modern primary packaging container materials, in addition to coatings, adhesives, strapping, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary materials. Each packaging material has its characteristics. For more types, this article focuses on plastic packaging materials and does not introduce other packaging materials. and Research on the anti-slip design of plastic packaging containers does not require analysis of all plastic packaging containers.

Plastic containers, such as large objects, have a handle on the design of the bottle. Therefore, the packaging of such goods is more than the packaging capacity that needs to be transported and considered to carry people’s weight. Functional design; and in some small plastic packaging items, can also effectively grasp in the palm of the consumer, there are also no problems such as slipping, so these types of packaging containers are not within the scope of this article. This paper discusses the plastic packaging containers that people often have slipped off due to opening and holding. In particular, empty packaging containers are being investigated and researched, and this is proposed to be safer and more comfortable, in line with the “humanized demand.”


1.2 Research Status and Research Focus

1.2.1 Status and level of research at home and abroad

(1) Current status and level of domestic research

China’s packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing level is gradually adapting to the development of the packaging industry and technical reform Demand, the packaging is a big industry across sectors, packaging products are the most diverse of all products, the most significant output Product. As early as the early 1980s, the packaging manufacturing industry became the third largest industry in the United States, with an annual output value. It accounts for one-fifth of the country’s total output value, reaching $ 43 billion. In the past 30 years, the packaging industry has developed rapidly. By 2008, the total production value was about 860 billion yuan, and in 2009, it is expected to increase by 35% compared with 2008. Place The quality of packaging design is different, which directly affects resources, energy, and environment, and thus affects human life.

In recent years, the plastic packaging products industry is also developing rapidly, despite the downturn in the economic crisis, plastics Packaging products remain packaging material for the packaging industry. The plastics industry continued to operate well in 2007. The situation has achieved stable and healthy development. There are 14,952 enterprises above the national plastic products industry. The total output value reached 8018.16 billion yuan, accounting for 10.54% of the total output value of the light industry, ranking third in the light industry. In the year, there were nearly 16,300 large-scale enterprises in China’s plastic products industry, and the cumulative output reached 37,370,900 tons. The total output value reached 9.8638 trillion yuan, of which the output value accounted for 10.26% of the light industry, ranking third. The national plastics industry maintained double-digit growth compared with the same period in 2007, and the development trend is still relatively optimistic. U.S. Finance. Affected by factors such as the crisis, the plastics industry, which has been growing at high speed for many years, has faced severe challenges. Even financially dangerous. The machine was dragged down. In 2008, the output of China’s plastic pipe products still reached 4.6 million tons, an increase of 31.4% compared with 2007. Because of the Chinese government’s policy of expanding domestic demand and promoting steady and rapid economic growth, the 2009 plastic products line. The signs of industry recovery are more visible.


In addition to packaging materials, the structural design of the packaging is also directly related to the essential reasons for the sale of goods. If the packaging structure is unreasonable, causing considerable losses to the goods, it is a waste of resources and energy. In the national packaging inspection conducted in the year, the loss of products caused by inadequate packaging was 10 billion per year. Above yuan. Although plastic packaging is a common packaging material for packaging containers because of its strong plasticity, the development of the packaging industry, plastic packaging waste is increasing, some plastics are not easy to degrade and other factors. The situation has caused severe pollution. Therefore, how to combine materials to design a structure that can adapt to functions and protect goods.

A plastic packaging container that is beneficial to the development of the environment and can also solve consumer needs is the first solution in modern packaging design. The problem. The functional safety of our packaging containers allows people to use packaging comfortably, especially for special people. Convenience and comfort increased awareness of packaging and packaging containers and increased awareness of packaging for vulnerable groups. Healthy, this kind of packaging design has also attracted the attention of all walks of life. Zhang Ying’s paper “The function of the packaging container.” Analysis (“China Packaging,” 2006, issue 02) put forward the concept of “post-function” of packaging containers, namely packaging capacity. In addition to the essential functions of protecting goods and storing goods, the device should also have the effect of using the products after. Use, that is, the packaging container “post function.” Li Xiaochen ‘s paper ” Packaging Engineering” ( 2007 issue 28). The Humanistic Care in Product Packaging article mentions that people-oriented includes both ergonomics in traditional design.

The physical and physical scale of the person, the habits of the person and the comfort of the sensory organs, including the spiritual needs of the person. Such as functional requirements, safety requirements, support, etc. Wang Shuzhong published in Science and Technology Information ( 2009). The 27th issue of “Talking about the function of commodity packaging and the greening of packaging design” talks about the need to pay attention to the packaging of goods. The function also needs to pay attention to the greening of packaging design. These are all different consumer groups that are striving to solve the packaging function. Demand issues and most of these issues cover the comfort of packaging containers, design, and environmental protection. The problem of combining. In domestic research, the design of plastic packaging containers is mostly limited to a particular factor level of the packaging container. In general, the research on humanized packaging design in recent years has not yet. Systematic and holistic, most research scholars open design from packaging, green packaging design, packaging visual transmission. Research work in specific areas such as unique product packaging design for vulnerable or vulnerable groups, and anti-slip people for packaging containers. The research on sexual function is still in the research and development period.

(2) Current status and level of foreign research

Chinese were striving to achieve industrialization on the premise of sacrificing ecology, the West entered reflection period: In the face of ecological decline, the decline of modern people’s spiritual ecology, the West began to learn traditional Chinese philosophy, a new design method is gradually born – ecological design. The study of environmental design sprouted from the 1950s. Developed in the 1960s, but the genuinely epoch-making significance is American design theorist Victor Babanak. (Victor Papanek), 1971, “Design for the Real World – Human Ecology and Social Change,” The article reveals that designers have considered aesthetics and form too much while ignoring the functions, uses, and dimensions. At present, most international studies have solved the problem of consumers in the process of using human beings. The psychological needs of the fee and the relationship between people and the environment, people, and nature in the packaging process. R·J·Hernandez, etc. Custom plastic bottle manufacturers can help you custom your own design plastic bottles.

In “Plastic Packaging,” it is believed that plastic packaging will be the most widely used packaging variety in the future. 1 in the packaging. In terms of structure, Australian designer Edward Denison ( E.) and British designer Richard Kao. The book “Paper Design” co-authored by Cawthray.R. points to the environmental friendliness of packaging design. The suitability of the packaging material, starting from the structure and content of the paper packaging, shows the packaging function through the packaging structure. Inspire better packaging structure design. 1 As packaging design and environmental protection become more and closer, Australia. Industrial designer Denison ( B.) and Chinese designer Guang Yuren’s book “Green Packaging Design.” It shows the ecological design concept and humanized design concept of modern packaging design. It meets environmental requirements and is in line with the characteristics of vulnerable consumer groups. Also, in other countries’ packaging design fields, designers are often mainly to meet dealers and production. Manufacturer’s requirements focus on reducing costs, reducing environmental pollution treatment costs, ignoring the unique needs of different consumers need. American designer Marianne Rosner Klimchuk and Sang De · A · Kela Suo Weike (Sandra A.Krasovec) book “Packaging design: branding – from concept concept to shelf display “(Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding from Concept to Shelf) Mainly from the perspective of product value-added, brand building, design innovation, etc., interpret the requirements of modern packaging design, there are a few expressions on the protection of consumer interests. Many studies have reflected the ecological design and humanization of packaging.

The essential functions of packaging, such as sales, and the anti-slip design of the packaging container, especially when it is relatively easy to slip off with water. For example, the design of plastic packaging containers such as commonly used drinks and toiletries is relatively small.