Its colorful plastic bottles, unbreakable, durable economy, to people’s lives a lot of convenience, many of the import and export of food and beverage plastic bottles are used as packaging. However, this year, affected by “bisphenol A” and “plasticizer” storm, plastic bottles brought to the cusp. In the end what is safe plastic bottle, plastic […]

Garbage pollution seep life Shanghai Development Center, Ren Assistant Public ocean crossing main Renru Yi said that despite the current domestic and not an authoritative schedule of waste degradation, but not degradable garbage has given our lives numerous risks. She mentioned that marine litter belt, floating is the need for hundreds of years to degrade […]

Recently, the 2016 Rio Olympic organizers released the summer Olympics athletes will compete for medals, the medals are a large part of the material used recycled materials, docking environmental theme, mystery medals thus be lifted. Rio Olympic medal docking green ribbon material from the plastic bottle half It is understood that the gold medal on […]

Roadside plastic bags, readily throw cans, cigarette boxes …… we always roadway in the corner, not to see these clean up garbage. More surprising is that they can be experienced, motionless. British anti actors Forest of Dean, in a clean-up A48 Highway found 33 years ago, the production of bags of potato chips, potato chips, […]